Termites is the first year players are wearing pads and hitting. They will taught the positions and how to play football.

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We at White Knoll Youth Football and Cheerleading care about the health and welfare of your children. We want this facility to be like one big family where the common goal is the betterment of our children both as athletes and citizens. We not only teach football we also teach about life in general, we push education hard to our athletes. We want all of our kids to grow up and attend college and become a productive citizen. We work with our parents at any level or any problem, let's face it without the parents we would have no players or cheerleaders.

Skills Camps

We will be starting skills camp starting 29 May 2022 at 6:00 ending at 8:00.

Time Management

We will enforce strict practice schedule; we ask that you as the parent make sure the players are at practice and picked up on time.

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Objectives & Expected Level Of Play By Division


This is the time the players start to learn about football. We want them to learn very basics of football while having a good time. At this level they will be playing flag football. By the end of the season, they should know the following:

  • Basic offensive set up
  • Basic defense set up
  • How to run with the football
  • How to catch a football
  • Lineman techniques
  • Sportsmanship
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At this level they will be hitting and tackling, they will be taught a variety of running plays and passing plays. We do not rely on trick plays. The positions will be taught in a way that gets them ready for the next level. By the end of the season, they should know the following:

  • Advanced line set up
  • Advanced passing routes
  • Advanced run and pass plays
  • A better understanding of the rules
  • Teamwork
  • How to throw the ball
  • How to catch the ball
  • How to run the ball
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At this level the players are getting ready for school ball. The coach will be teaching plays that are used at the high school level. By this time, they have usually played at least 2 years at the lower levels. These kids are hitting and tackling, they are taught the proper way to do both. When they leave this level they will be playing B team at White Knoll High School, they will know the following:

  • Advanced tackling technique
  • Advanced running technique
  • Advanced lineman blocking
  • Advanced quarterback technique
  • Advanced offensive and defensive plays
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Cheerleading provides an excellent opportunity for girls to participate in a demanding sport. It combines dance and acrobatic along with shouting slogans to entertain spectators and motivate team members. It is physically demanding and taxing.

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Football Camp

Football camp is designed to get players focused on their position; it goes in depth at each position. During camp each player will be evaluated at the position they desire. This is a weeklong event starting in early July, the dates will be finalized during tackle sign up. This is not the same as skills camp.

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Flag Football

During flag football the players are getting in shape for tackle football. they are learning passing routes and running routes. They are concentrating working with quarterbacks and receivers; this is the place your child can see what position he may want to try out for in tackle football. This is for fun for the players and parents. During this season they will learn the following:

  • Passing routes
  • How to catch a football
  • How to properly run with the football
  • Team work
  • Season scheduled to start 9 April 2022
  • Coaches will make contact with team by 18 March
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